Monday, November 28, 2011

a lesbian tale

Once upon a time there were two girls who loved one another, but had not had time away from being Mom's in such a very long time. A fortunate opportunity finally presented itself, and the two girls went to spend a day away from all the responsibilities of home life.
A good meal out, a nice room away, a huge TV with an even larger tub. All was well in this lesbian tale... O:-)
One of the lovely lesbian ladies made her way out of the tub and into her pajamas and made the jaunt across the room to climb into the king sized bed. Sounds like a pretty good tale so far, doesn't it?
Here comes the sound of the needle being torn off the record... :-!
What possibly could have happened next?
Before the sapphic sister could hop into bed, she stepped on something on the floor... it was a used condom! =-O Are you kidding me? At a major National Hotel chain charging triple digits for their room? Surely you jest.
But, alas it was true. This lesbian tale had been interrupted by an unbelievably unexpected and unpleasant irony.
After the "hazmat team" was called in to remove the offending latex, the two girls attempted to purge the memory from their minds and the germs from their feet and then drift off to sleep.
At least it would make for a good story, the ladies thought. And so it did. ;-)