Saturday, June 16, 2012

Does "PRIDE" hurt the LGBT cause?

It's that time of year again! In many cities all over the country today is PRIDE day!

And the question above is one that a couple gay male friends and I were discussing recently. The discussion went something like this.

We spend every other day of the year trying to "be taken seriously" -- trying to show the straight community that we don't have a "lifestyle" rather we have a "normal life." We go to work, take care of our families, pay our taxes, etc... "Normal."

But then for one weekend a year we as an LGBT community bring out our freak flag and fly it on main street America -- in a full blown live and in color parade fashion no less!

Are PRIDE parades and festivals a bad thing? Of course not! I have been to, and enjoyed, several!

And my favorite thing about PRIDE weekend has always been being able to wander around holding hands with my lover without people throwing things at me. And yet, at the risk of getting things "thrown at me" here -- I have to admit that I have "cringed" at some aspects of the PRIDE parades I have seen. Why??? Only because I knew that the straight community also sees them and will use the "freak flag flying moments" as ammunition to discriminate against the gay community the rest of the year (and especially in an election year).

Back to the question. Does "PRIDE" hurt the LGBT cause? I don't know. But, be that as it may, my LGBT friends, enjoy your PRIDE weekend! And always let your freak flag fly!