Tuesday, July 26, 2011


♫ "Find out what it means to me"... 
You know the song... 
But do you think our President knows what it means to the LGBT community that he has finally come out in support of the Respect for Marriage Act (important legislation that would finally repeal DOMA)? 
For one thing, it means that we can have the same rights, protections and privileges that opposite sex couples are afforded automatically by saying "I do." (Here's a list of some of the more than 1000 protections of "marriage").
It means that partners can be there by the side of their loved one without distant family members making the life-saving (or changing) decisions while the partner is left out in the cold. 
It means that LGBT people could actually have legal respect for the hard work they put in with their partner's children... and actually be acknowledged as a valid parent. 
It means so much more than these things. 
It means something different to each and every individual. 
What does it mean to you?