Are you a Bridge Builder?

Back in the summer of 2009 I ran across a synchroblog event on the web. This particular event was aimed at bringing together voices who speak out on the common ground between us, it was called: “Bridging the Gap: Conversations on Befriending Our Gay Neighbors.” (Over 50 bloggers simultaneously posted articles on June 24th on the topic of bridging the gap between the church and the gay community.)

I was moved by what I read, and encouraged by all the various types of individuals out there who shared from their hearts. This impressive coming together of writers and hearts inspired me to create the “bridge builder award.”
The bridge builder award is pretty simple really. Think of a blogger or web writer you know who, in their connections with others, really has a heart for building bridges between all different types of people. Someone who leaves you with a little more hope, humor, humility, happiness.
Are you a bridge builder? Do you know a bridge builder? Nominate them here.
There are two suggestions for nominating for this award:
  1. The first is to write 3 ways you build bridges between yourself and others.
  2. The second is to nominate some of your favorite blogs/writers.

A good blog friend of mine suggested that as an alternate to the 1st suggestion above:
“Perhaps your future awards should be where you provide the three reasons how someone bridges the gap and then the recipients respond to the award and the three reasons you provide.”
If you have been nominated, email me and I will happily send you the code for the badge.

Who are some of the amazing individuals who have already been nominated and awarded as Bridge Builders?

  1. Rebecca and Lorri at Truth and Love After 40
  2. Liz at Grace Rules
  3. Hugh at Meet Adam and Steve
  4. Lindsey at *![emphatic asterisk]
  5. Anita at Grace Unfolding-SisterFriends
  6. Queer Unity at the Queers United Blog
  7. Kathy at The Carnival in my Mind
  8. Phil at
  9. Candace at Bulletproof Faith
  10. Rachel at The Sweet Bi and Bi
  11. Jude at Jaysays
  12. Birdie at Strelitzia Blog
  13. Karen at Pursuing God
  14. Andrew at Love is an Orientation
  15. Jules at The Wonderer
  16. Amy at Making Space: Living Out Loud
  17. Arnie at Spirit of Saint Lewis