Baker's Dozen of my Top 100 Reasons

A freshly baked sampling of my Top 100 Reasons I am glad to be a lesbian -- originally posted at my WordPress blog location for Bridges.

  1. Both wear the pants in the relationship (or sometimes no one is wearing the pants).
  2. Sex is WAY better now! (That is probably the “official” #1).
  3. We are both breadwinners and homemakers.
  4. I don’t HAVE to wear dresses and heels or anything in particular to be “sexy.”
  5. I don’t HAVE to be “submissive”...................... 
  6. She prefers my company to that of a video game.
  7. Either takes the chance to drive, or hold the door, or pay the tab.
  8. My ideas, wisdom and contributions are respected now.
  9. I’m not a second class citizen to my partner because of “male privilege” or biblical usurpation.
  10. Emotional intimacy.
  11. Less entitlement and more encouragement.
  12. Bound by passion–not “tradition” (or “institution”).
  13. I am loved for exactly who I am, not a modified version of me.


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