Sunday, October 10, 2010

Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Tomorrow happens to be National Coming Out day for the LGBT community. Usually that is a time where gay and lesbian individuals talk about their coming out stories.
It can be an important part of the journey to share the history of one's coming out. It would be nice to know that we all lived in a safe enough environment that we could all freely share the stories of the journey of our lives.
There are still so many who are bullied, stalked, harassed, belittled and besieged. Why? Not simply because they may be gay... mostly because of fear and ignorance on the part of the bully.
Why do others spend more of their energy tormenting others than they do taking responsibility for their own lives? This should be a salient question this "coming out day."
When will everyone finally come out of their own "closet" of fear, hate, selfishness, ignorance, and dysfunction and finally just live their own life without destroying other people's lives? Maybe tomorrow... maybe one day.