Thursday, September 30, 2010

4 Letter Words


It's not a sunshiny day outside--or inside. In fact it is pouring!
Can one person change the world? Sure. Usually that is looked at in a positive light. Hoping one person can change the world for the better! In reality, one person can always change at least one other person's world. For better... or for worse. One person in my family's life has blustered, threatened, coerced, lied and stolen whatever they could from my family over the past decade.

I miss the days where I could cross my bridge anywhere and in any manner I wished! I miss really being able to blog about whatever I wanted--to write freely and interact with my blogging community with out the above "one person" cyber-stalking and obsessing about anything I say. In reality I do have my first amendment right to say whatever I want. However, remember, "what you say can and will be misconstrued and misused against you in the court of someone else's arrogance."

Today, I couldn't care less about that bully or what he thinks about what I choose to write about. Why can't that person move along with their own life and be grateful with whatever life that their own choices netted them--without having to strip everything they can from their ex's life (and the people in their ex's life)?

Another person's dysfunction should not infiltrate and infect my life and my expressions of my life's experience. That would be like a domestic violence offender beating the crap out of their wife and then threatening and belittling them if they open their mouth and telling anyone (and from my professional experience I can tell you that is exactly what happens in every abuse case).

Forget that! I am free. I have fought all my life too hard for that freedom! And no one can take that away from me.

Anyone who is non-judgmental, non-abusive, non-manipulative is welcome here. People don't have to agree to be able to co-exist and dialog in a civil manner. People can be assertive without being aggressive (or passive-aggressive) or abusive. Basically everyone is welcome--except that "one person" and their minions.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled blogging.