Friday, June 26, 2015

A day to celebrate - but then there's this:

Today's SCOTUS ruling confirming that marriage equality for all in all 50 states is indeed reason to celebrate!
Justice Kennedy summed it up beautifully. 
Today, and every day- love indeed does win!
And yet... There's still this...
The most discouraging part of the article linked in that pic is the assertion that there are "degrees of sin" - and not only that, but sins that can keep one "from entering the kingdom of God." This post is _not_ about a debate on sin - or the sins certain groups believe are "deal breakers" for salvation - while their sins are of course not "that bad."
If the crowd that "hates the sin and loves the sinner" was sincerely consumed with "protecting the sanctity of marriage" they would first make divorce illegal, and then perhaps second they could tidy up the skeletons in their closets (everyone has 'em) before becoming the "armchair Justices" on this issue.

And unfortunately it still exists if you tell someone they cannot enter heaven based on who they love!
Ouch!!! So.... How many conservative Christian "sanctity of marriage" folks tout this verse as much as the Leviticus one?