Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Questions for heterosexuals

A while back I ran across some very excellent questions crafted by Lindsey at *! [emphatic asterisk].
Seems like a good day to share these again.
These questions turn the tables on heterosexual friends, family, church members who so often expect homosexual individuals to explain their “lifestyle.”
Here are some of her questions: (read the entire post here)
  1. How long have you known you’re heterosexual?
  2. Why do you feel the need to behave in ways that reinforce negative heterosexual stereotypes?
  3. Why do you allow your heterosexuality to affect so much of your life?
  4. Must you really behave (or dress) in a way that flaunts your heterosexuality (or makes it so hard to ignore)?
  5. How did the people in your life react when they realized you are attracted to the opposite sex?
  6. Does the fact you’re a heterosexual make family events awkward?
  7. Does your church know that you’re heterosexual?
  8. Are you ever attracted to the same sex, maybe just a little?
  9. Don’t you ever wonder if you might be mistaken about your sexuality?
Contrary to the evidently popular belief, it is possible to be gay and Christian, or gay and a good sibling, wife, mother, daughter -- or gay-friendly and a good citizen, etc.